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High power LED lamp beads: the development trend of indoor lighting

Published Date:08-15-2020    Source:    Author:  Viewed:410

Since the birth of high-power LED lamp bead, it has been used in outdoor lighting and trade lighting, such as new year's Eve power street lamp, industrial and mining lamp, projection lamp, etc. With the aggravation of the competition in LED industry and the rapid growth of high-power LED skills, at present, the use of high-power LED devices has become more and more popular. With the indoor lighting as a new target for the growth of LED industry, high-power LED devices will also occupy a larger share in the application of indoor lighting. The reason why high power LED is more and more widely used in indoor lighting is as follows:

1. High power LED lamp beads have the advantage of organic energy: in the R & D and testing of Tongjia optoelectronics Dongguan company, relevant engineers invented that high power LED lamp beads not only have the advantage of ordinary LED lamp beads (high brightness, low light decay, longer service life), but also have the advantage of high luminous flux, higher cost performance and better luminous efficiency.

2. High power LED lamp beads have the advantage of price: Tongjia engineer explained that we have been thinking about it from the cost level of our mutual partners. When LED develops new lamps and lanterns, when it adopts traditional LED components, compared with the acceptance of high-power LED components, the price will exceed many, some even more than double the price Therefore, the price advantage of high-power LED beads is more obvious

3. The invariance advantage of high-power LED beads: Generally speaking, high-power LED beads often have a more invariable advantage than low-power packaged LEDs, which is often reflected in the lower fever, stronger light efficiency, lower light decay and better invariance of high-power chips.

To sum up the above numerous factors: Tongjia optoelectronics, which stands against the brand of LED beads in China, has been focusing on making medium and high-end LED beads for more than ten years. With the development trend that led beads socket of indoor lighting lamps accepts high-power LED devices, Tongjia high-power LED beads are more and more widely used. Let's work together to achieve a win-win situation.

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