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What factors should be considered in designing solar street lamp

Published Date:10-12-2020    Source:    Author:  Viewed:1028

The design of solar streetlights is not invariable. The design of solar streetlights needs to meet the needs of customers and be reasonable at the same time. Now there are many patterns and styles of solar streetlights, which can test our designers even more.

What factors need to be considered in the design of our solar street lamp? These are what the designer told me secretly.

1. The number of solar streetlights needed.

2. Under the condition of load, pure resistance, capacitance or inductance, what is the starting current?

3. In case of rainy weather without sunlight, how many days does solar street lamp need continuous power supply?

4. How many hours does solar street lamp need to work every day?

5. What is the output voltage of solar street lamp, DC or AC?

6. What is the load power of solar street lamp?

7. Where is the solar street lamp used? How is the solar radiation in this area?

Solar streetlights are always around us. The beautiful night scene needs its rendering to feel better.

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