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Solutions to common problems of LED beads in traffic field

Published Date:12-29-2020    Source:    Author:  Viewed:872

Next, it is widely used in the fields of LED display, traffic lights, traffic lights, etc.

Traffic signal abettor lamp because of its special use place, need LED lamp bead brightness in a stronger scale, at the same time to the vehicle and pedestrian does not cause visual stimulation or trance unclear, so to red yellow green three color lamp bead in band, brightness and life have requirements.

The latest national standard parameters and brightness angle of traffic light beads are as follows:

Traffic lights red band 620-625nm brightness 4000-6000mcd

Traffic lights yellow band 590-593nm brightness 4000-6000mcd

Green light band 503-505nm, brightness 8000-10000mcd

LED traffic light beads

The LED products used in transportation mainly include red, green and yellow signals, digital timing display and arrow signals. The product needs to be bright in the day when the light intensity is high, and reduce the brightness at night to avoid glare. The light source of LED traffic signal light is composed of multiple LED beads. When designing the light source, we should consider multiple cores, and there are inevitable requirements for the installation of LED beads. If the installation is different, it will affect the light efficiency of the light-emitting surface. Therefore, in the design, we should consider how to avoid the appearance of such defects. If the optical design is too simple, the light distribution of the flag lights will be reduced First of all, it depends on the perspective of the LED itself. Then the requirements for the light distribution and installation of the LED itself are more stringent. Otherwise, this kind of phenomenon will be very serious.

LED traffic lights are also different from other signal lights (such as automobile headlamps) in light distribution. Of course, they also have the requirement of light intensity distribution. And the requirement of automobile headlamp on the light cut-off line is more severe. In the design of automobile headlamp, as long as enough light is set to the responding place, there is no need to consider where the light comes from. The designer can design the light distribution area of the lens by regions and small pieces. However, the traffic signal also needs to take into account the average luminous efficiency of all luminous profiles. It must be satisfied to observe the flag from any working area used by the signal When the light-emitting surface of the signal, the pattern of the signal should be clear, and the visual results should be average. Although incandescent lamp and halogen lamp light source signal light emission unchanged, average, but there are high energy consumption, low life, prone to phantom signal display, color chip easy to fade and other shortcomings. If the revolutionary transformation of LED signal energy consumption will be reduced, the use of LED signal energy consumption will be reduced.

The utilization of LED lamp beads in transportation mainly includes the following aspects:

1. Traffic lights. LED signal with its high brightness, high reliability, low utilization cost, long life and other characteristics, get the favor of urban traffic management.

2. High speed 100W high power LED lamp bead highway traffic attraction system. With the improvement of highway support level, LED traffic attraction system has become the product of scale setting equipment, and the market demand is large.

3. Urban road traffic attraction and marking. With the increasingly serious traffic congestion in major cities, road traffic LED display is increasing rapidly in all cities.

The advantages of LED beads in flag lighting are as follows:

1. Monochromatic light with divergence angle

The light emitted by LED is monochromatic light, so it is not necessary to use color chips to generate red, yellow and green signal colors; the light emitted by LED has the target purpose, and has a certain divergence angle, so it can abandon the aspheric reflector used in traditional signal lights. This feature of LED beads solves the problems of phantom (commonly known as false display) and color chip fading existing in traditional flag lights, and improves the light efficiency.

2. Cold light source, low energy consumption

The advantages of LED light source in energy saving are often obvious. One of its bright and obvious characteristics is low energy consumption, which is very meaningful for the use of lamps.

3. Reliable, long life

In contrast, the working conditions of flags and lanterns are despicable, cold and hot, sun and rain, so the reliability of lamps and lanterns is required to be higher. The average life of incandescent lamp bladder for general flag lamp is 1000h, and the average life of low-voltage tungsten halogen lamp bladder is 2000h, so the protection cost is very high. In reality, many LED traffic lights have been used for more than five years, and the LED has not been damaged. Another big advantage is that the halogen lamp bladder can't wait. What's more, the response time is faster, so as to reduce the occurrence of conflicts.

LED lamp beads

Several problems to be solved for LED traffic lights are as follows:

1. The advantage of using high-power LED is to reduce the number of LED greatly, but the problem to be solved is heat dissipation and cost.

2. Although the requirements of light intensity index, electrical index and electromagnetic compatibility of LED traffic lights are gradually improving, the optical design and circuit design of LED traffic lights need to be further optimized in order to become the mainstream of traffic lights design.

3. With the improvement of energy saving and environmental protection requirements, led and solar connected signals will be popular, but the common problems with traffic signal controllers need to be solved.

In a word, the use of LED lamp beads in traffic lights is growing rapidly, and it has a good market prospect in the field of transportation. It has basically replaced the traditional light sources. Although the traffic signal products on the market are nearly saturated, led still has a lot of space to be used in the field of transportation because of its advantages of environmental protection, energy saving and long life.


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